Marshall Town’s Very Own Removal Company

As a real estate agent dealing in property sales and rent and management we often require the use of a moving van to move workmen for maintenance between properties. In Addition to this we often have customers that rent our properties inquiring about home relocation transport hire. Often We go online to find a suitable man and van service. The search doesn’t always turn up rosy and we are often let down. Furthermore, they are costly and not always professional. This has led us to establishing our very own removal company complete with 3 professional men at a very competitive rate.

A Reliable Home Removal Team

Experience is the stepping stone to improvement. Our experience with removal companies has always been a difficult one. They are either too expensive and not so professional or too cheap and adequately equipped. Timing is also a major issue with most moves. Seeing that the removals trade is so unregulated and rather unsafe, we at Marshall town decided that as an agency dealing homes and general property it would save us and our customers a lot of money and hassle if we put together our very own little moving company. We no longer have to call around to secure a moving van for our customers, nor is there any uncertainty with regards to the quality of the service on offer.

  • Free Quotes
  • On Time Arrivals
  • 7 Day A Week Service
  • Anytime and Anywhere
  • Trusted and tested home movers
  • A range of services and guarantees offered
  • Affordable and reliable Removals in London

Our Moving men are professionals with years of hands on experience in the house and office relocation trade. They can take you anywhere in the country and at any time. Less cost and more quality are what we are all about. This moving service comes fully insured and equipped with the tools of the trade. Simply put you will have our seal of approval, and we will be there guarantor.

As a business dealing in property we like to think that we have our feet firmly planted in the trade. We are in business because we listen to the recommendations of our customers and constantly strive to improve or service. This is the reason we decided to invest and establish our very own moving firm. We know what a professional job done is all about, and our moving team was put together with this in mind. You can now rent a home from us as well as arrange your removal at a discounted rate.

Buying As A Form Of Investment – London UK

The brick and mortar business, like trading in gold, has never been one to let down. Since time immemorial gold and shelter have been highly sought after as sources of investment with intrinsic value. In today’s volatile global market putting your money into property is one of the best ways to ensure a safe return in time to come. A bit of insight and advice from those already involved in the trade can help one make the right decision when deciding where and when to invest it.

The Craze To Buy And Why

The City of London like most major capital cities has had its fair share of housing shortage. Being a major western capital city London is more often than not a first choice of work and investment for millions of people. The city has a population of 8 million. There are plenty of homes, but not enough to go around. There huge development projects going up across the city in order to meet the demand for housing. This was not always the case in the past. Although it’s fair to say that there are more people living in the city today than there were in the past still there are new housing projects going up all the time. So why is there such a shortage? The simple truth lies in the fact that the city and its property have become a source of secure investment for 1000s of people from across the globe.


Investment firms

The United Kingdom is a major world power that also happens to be an economic powerhouse. Since the USD is no longer seen as a source of secure investment due to its volatility. Many investment firms and advisors have instead decided to turn to property as an investment with value continues to climb year after year. The majority of the investors are buying up property as money in the bank, rather than buying to rent as a business. They simply have cash that left unused would continue to lose in worth as time goes by. Whilst this may not be ethical, it makes business sense. For your average citizen buying to rent would be a good method of making money, and not only that it’s a good source of saved up money and security that will stand the test of time.


Leaving it in a savings

Money left unused will continue to depreciate and lose value. Leaving it in a savings account will get you a little fee, but not enough when compared with what investing in the right source could. Property is a proven investment that has been so for generations. It is:

  • A secure source of Investment
  • A source of regular income when put to rent
  • Has intrinsic value
  • Can be sold for a profit

As with anything you are new to, it is always important to seek financial advice and start off with a low risk investment at first. This will help free up some of the money just in case you decide to move it elsewhere. Read more

Relocating Home and All The Bits and Bobs

Buying home is much like buy an empty retail unit. And we all know that you do not buy a business premises for the purpose of living in it, rather it’s a place of trade. And trade means the exchange or sale of goods and services. Much in the same way no one moves onto an empty home and lives it without first bring into it all the essential content such as the furniture, white goods, food stuffs and so on. All of this will require money, time and a source of transport and removal men.

Costs of Content and Man and Van Hire

Filling a home with living goods and materials can cost you money. Furnishing a property will require a budget and clever shopping. First and foremost, consider the following:

  • Budget It Out correctly
  • Buy furniture that is the right size
  • Buy only that which is necessary
  • Consider the transport: Man and Van service

Budgeting out means you will have considered all the essentials purchases at a reasonable rate. You must avoid but TV for $2000 at the expense of scarifying the purchase of another item. Budgeting is budgeting and sticking to it is essential. It is as important as buying reliable solid furniture that is of the right size and that will last. Consider purchasing second hand, that can save you money and give you lasting quality.


Finally getting all that stuff into your home can be a bit costly if not thought through well. Most companies provide the service either free of cost or at a relatively low price. If it works out costly then the alternative would be for you to hire out a removal van and DIY it, or simply go and shop the internet for van hire services. House removal companies in in cities like London are relatively inexpensive considering the high costs of everything else. If You live in London UK simply go to google and type terms such as man and van, or removals in London. You will get plenty of companies popping up. Just make sure they are insured and the price is right for you.


When becoming a home owner, one must consider all the costs during and after the process. Whether you are planning to buy a home to live in it, or refurbish and rent it out, there are certain financial and logistical considerations that will need to be made. The cost of transport and buy goods and service to make the property suitable for living will add up. As an example the fees associated with a home removals company in London to help move into the property. There is no fixed market price for such services and moving companies can set any price they wish as long as people pay for it. A bit of research can save you money and point you in the right direction.   In Short having a strategy in place can save you money and much regret at the end.

My New Home, Hired the Moving Van and Moved In

Purchasing a home is a big step in the right direction and one towards financial security. With that out of the way, the goal should be managing your income in a manner that will ensure regular repayments towards paying off the mortgage debit become as less a financial burden as possible. Because let’s not forget that having your property repossessed is a real possibility, and with that in mind let’s look at options that will help you avoid any such unfortunate outcome.

Buying, Moving In and Living off The New Contract

Many People think that once you’ve brought your home you’ve hit the jackpot and you can hang your gloves up and call it a day. But our years of experience in the real estate trade in Marshall Town has taught us that unless you have a millions in the bank, this sort of attitude can be detrimental. And believe me we have seen our fair share of home repossessions and they are no laughing matter. They are the result of negligence on the part of the new home owners who seem to forget that they are in a long term contract with the banks that funded the purchase in the first place.



  • Buy it
  • Use its earning potential to pay itself off

Ensuring smooth repayments of the debit over time will need some foreplaning and smart decision making. Firstly, you can utilise your new home to help pay off the monthly repayments in such a way that it can leave you with some profit on top. You could restructure the property from the inside and create extra rooms and space that could be rented out to bring in extra income. Many people are already doing this and it’s a good way to put the property to use. After all, if you have a few spare rooms, why not rent them out and use that extra income to pay off the mortgage. This will be your surety and a second source of income should you lose you be made redundant. It happens all the time, so better plan ahead and avoid being evicted as a result.

With wise planning comes success. Whilst buying a home is only the first step to financial freedom, the second and most crucial step is managing the repayments on time and over time. Utilising your newly brought property correctly and as a source of earning can be your surety to a smooth repayment journey. You Could even try getting your tenants a good deal with their removal into the new property. Going with local services such as the van and man hire [London relocation company] next door can help you get good discounts with any future moves. Like most things in life if you don’t ask you are less likely to get it.

Buying A Home Can Cost You Less Than Renting It

Life was not easy in the past and today despite of all of man’s technological achievements, all supposedly brought into existence to make life more bearable, it’s no better in some fundamental ways. Just think about it, it’s 2016 and despite of all the material wealth we have a population struggling to make enough money to pay for van and man hire let alone the monthly home rental. In Most cases its takes up more than 50% of the average income. And it’s equally true to say that buying a home can cost a similar amount or there about in monthly repayments. This begs the question: why pay rent on a property, when you can just buy it out and save yourself all the insecurity and yearly house moves in search of cheaper accommodation. 

Stay Living – Invest in your Future

Buying a home is an investment in our future and the future of our children and grandchildren. It is the one solid asset that can be passed down to future generations and secure a life time of stability. It’s one of those savings that will continue to keep its intrinsic value intact, unlike the paper money in your hand today. A thousand USD today will not be worth as much 10 years from now, but your home will continue retain its value as a source of security. Once you make your mind up and make adequate planning, the journey can be straight forward and the goal easy to accomplish.

Cash buy is always better than taking out a mortgage and paying out large amounts of interest and other related fees. Since buying a house will require more than your spare change it makes sense to plan the journey ahead at least a year or two in advance. This means slowly building up your credit score and saving those pay slips to present as proof of income. Banks will not lend you money unless they see a proven track record of employment and a regular income. The more you earn and the securer your job the more likely they are to lend you and lend you big amounts. Job security is also very important when it comes to securing your investment. If you fail to make regular mortgage repayments, the chances are you will have the property repossessed by the lenders. It’s only natural that they will want to recover the value of their investment in you. This of course will be to your detriment and all the more reason why you should dig in for the long run.

Unless You Wish To See The Man and Van Hire Company:

Taking all possibilities into account right from the start can mean the difference between success and failure. Therefore, it is important that one seeks some professional advice readily available out there. Most banks employ professionals to help customers make the right choices when it comes to taking out their products. In addition, there are various internet blogs and internet sites and forums full of information on all subjects related to housing, rent and mortgages. These platforms provide first-hand accounts of buying, selling and repayment reviews from thousands of people who have gone through and experience it all. You are bound to pick up interesting facts, figures and know-how ideas from such rich sources of information. It is free of charge so make the most of it and don’t be shy to ask questions. Making the right choices today will result in peace of mind and a wholesome healthy existence tomorrow. None of us can afford to sit-by ideally and watch our hard earned money waste away when there is a better way to do things.

Half of your regular income going towards paying for your rent is a deduction that will have a huge impact on the quality of your financial life, leaving you with a hand to mouth sort of existence. It’s a risky way to go about life, leaving you with zero savings. So why risk the real prospect of ending up homeless and destitute, when there are other options out there. The simple way to get out of the trap of enslavement to rent is as simple as:

  • Make the decision and plan to save up early
  • Get the home purchase plan that is right for you
  • Look ahead and have a backup job just in case you lose your main source of income

The majority of the money that you pay towards the home purchase will go towards clearing the mortgage debt. Final settlement will take time and you will need to be patient, for unlike hiring removals in London, this is no cheap investment.

Removal To Home Ownership


They say “home is where the heart is”. Indeed, buying a house is virtually one of the most important life decisions one can make. Just think about it, people literally talk about, plan and save money for a house purchase years in advance. And if approached correctly buying a house is the one single purchase that can set you right for life. So the question here is, are you really in need of buy a home? I mean is there an alternative? Have you considered all the risks and cost? Will you have money left over to pay for simple needs such as the relocation process using a Man and van service? Yes, every little bit will add up and hiring a removal firm to move out is no exception. Let us explore this in a bit depth, so as to hopefully leave no doubt that if you can afford the commitments you actually would be better off financially with owning one, rather than without.

Do I need to Buy One?

The Housing Market continues to push up the pricing barrier higher and higher. Prices are sky rocketing and buying a house can mean a lifetime of commitment with mortgage repayments. It is therefore important for one to seriously consider whether they actually need to buy a house, and if they are able to bare out the long term repayments towards the actual contractual commitment that are laid out by the money lenders. It is after all along term debt and the risk of not paying up could mean losing your home and along with it all that hard work and effort. A forced removal is one reality that many people end up facing in today’s volatile housing market. Let us for a moment think rationally and not allow ourselves to fall into the prevalent mentality of “must own it”. Remember that there will be many costs, such as that of hiring a man and van company to move you into the new property. One must therefore consider all aspects that will cost you hard earned money.


The feeling of owning a home can be a liberating experience specially when considering the fact that some rental can cost so much and you never know when you will be forced to move home due to an increase in price of any other circumstances that may arise. Furthermore, the cost of moving about can add up. Just imagine the man and van service and how much they can add up to. Yes, removals is one of those costs which must be considered as it is the one service you will need. unless you have your own removal van or other home moving transport that can help you shift your items across to the new property. Yes, it is important to consider every little bit of cost when considering the financial burden, a mortgage can land on your hands. you will indeed be cash strapped so it is always best to try and find the cheapest alternative to get things moving.


In today’s hostile market it is hard to predict which way the housing market will swing. Will prices go down or continue to climb up? Will the banks risk lending to customers on a low income and if so what level of interest will they be laying out? These are important questions for any prospective house buyer to ponder over. Of Course as an estate agent dealing in sales, my job is to make money through home sales. But There is also an ethical aspect here. I see it as necessary to give the right advice to every single customer before they decide. There is nothing worse than seeing a home repossession. Have you thought about the:

  • Long term commitment to mortgage repayments
  • Alternatives to buying a home
  • Associated costs such as home removals and man and van cost of moving

The Above are all points worth serious consideration when looking to become a home owner. Just know that if done in haste you will face financial ruin as did the home removal man and van company that tripped and broke the glass cabinet in attempt to save the customer money.